Filling Some Gaps

I ended up ordering more Warren Zevon music than I'd originally planned. I put in an order with Amazon for six of his early CDs: Warren Zevon, Excitable Boy, The Envoy, Bad Luck Streak In Dancing School, Preludes and Stand In the Fire. Even with shipping, it still came in under $80 (barely). One CD that I considered getting but didn't was the digitally remastered version of Transverse City. Frankly, it sounds good enough on the iPod, and there's only one bonus track, a demo version of one of the songs on the CD, "Networking." I may choose to get it eventually. Preludes is actually a compilation of demo tracks and interviews that his son Jordan found in the attic after Warren's death. Stand In the Fire is a live concert CD from 1981 at the Roxy in Los Angeles, and comes highly recommended. I should have this new treasure trove by the middle of next week.