The people living in San Francisco are, shall we say, a bit different than people living in other parts of the country. The city by the Bay is a Mecca for those with alternative lifestyles and unconventional political views. It is therefore no surprise that the methods used by political protesters there might be considered a bit... eccentric.

A site called zombietime catalogs some of the demonstrations that take place in San Francisco, including nude protests and nude bike rides. The latest installment was a joint topless protest (WARNING: NSFW!) by Breasts Not Bombs and Code Pink at the Hillary Clinton campaign kickoff at her San Francisco headquarters during the Democrat debate a couple of days ago. Alas, as in numerous previous nude protests that zombietime has documented, the people that you might actually want to see unclad remain clothed, while those whose nudity might traumatize the viewer are in full view.

It should be noted that if there actually was a truth-in-advertising requirement for political agitators, then the group would be have to be renamed Bellies Not Bombs. Three of the four women who bared their breasts at the protest definitely had a waistline that was larger than their bust, and the fourth (organizer Sherry Glaser) also had a hefty belly; only her heavy hangers saved her from joining the other group.

And the one who got away? Well, I would have liked to have seen more of the perky brunette in the white blouse and blue jeans about halfway down the page, who was holding the right side of the pink sign saying "HILLARY WARMONGER OR PEACEMAKER." Other than a little bit of crazy around the eyes, she was kind of cute. But the others... *shudder*

Let's just say that they wouldn't be judged kindly at FlashYourRack.com.