In a Prius?!

Perhaps you saw in yesterday's news that Al Gore III, 24-year-old son of the Goracle, was busted in southern California driving a hybrid Prius at speeds of up to 100 mile per hour on the highway. When the cops stopped him, they smelled marijuana. Upon searching the car, they found a few other different drugs.

But at least it was an environmentally-friendly car, even if it wasn't being driven in an environmentally-friendly way. I had no idea that a hybrid could go that fast! I suspect that the Prius will soon become the car chase vehicle of choice in California. I look forward to seeing Prius car chases on Fox News in the very near future.

As for the younger Gore, this isn't his first brush with the law, as he has had arrests both for his driving and for drug possession. Hopefully he will get the help that he needs to straighten out and get his life together. However, I hope that he doesn't just get a slap on the wrist because of who his daddy is. If jail time is good for Paris Hilton, it's good for Al Gore III, if a judge says so.