This and That

Name spotted in the mail last night: Jo King. And no, I'm not...

I watched the Shuttle land on television a little while ago. I was hoping to be able to see it come in over us from the southwest, but all we got was the loud double sonic boom as it crossed overhead. I went outside and looked, but not so much as a contrail. I was just glad that it made it down okay.

Fox News has a new musical theme for their "Mideast Turmoil" graphic. It's more ominous and foreboding than the martial drumbeat music they have been using whenever the Israelis and the Arabs are in conflict, although that's just my impression from one hearing. (Update: It might have been a one-off thing. They're back to the martial drumbeat music now.)

Yeah, it's a slow news day here.

I'm just watching the news to see what's going on with the war. I read an analysis on OPFOR called "Prepping the Battlespace," and it's well worth reading for anyone who wants to understand what is really going on. The comments on that post are also interesting to any would-be military analysts.