Kiwis to Cop: Don't Give Up Your Day Job, Honey

Funny story of the day:

Cop's Night Job As Hooker Is Nixed

WELLINGTON, New Zealand - A New Zealand policewoman has been censured for some unauthorized "undercover" work - a stint moonlighting as a prostitute - but is being allowed to keep her day job after giving up the night duties.

While prostitution is legal in New Zealand and police are allowed to take approved second jobs, a top officer said sex work and police work don't mix.


A spokeswoman for the New Zealand Prostitutes' Collective said that depending on the brothel in which she worked, the police officer could have earned 500 New Zealand dollars (US$312) on a busy night.

Had she heard of other police officers moonlighting as sex workers?

"We have law students that are sex workers, we have doctors that are sex workers, I mean anyone can be a sex worker," the woman said, asking that she not be named due to the sensitive nature of her job.

The "New Zealand Prostitutes' Collective"? Brings a whole new meaning to the jingle "Look For the Union Label", doesn't it?