By Their Steps Shall Ye Know Them

You can generally tell how evil a nation's government is by the way their soldiers march while on parade. If their soldiers are goose-stepping, the odds are pretty good that they are also oppressing and killing their own people, as well as anyone else they can. North Korea, the former regime in Iraq, the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany... All goose-steppers. American soldiers, by contrast, don't goose-step.

There are exceptions to the rule, of course. I saw some footage on television of Palestinian terrorists marching down the street, and not only were they not goose-stepping, most of them were completely out of step, which was hilarious to watch. They're not military professionals, just thugs and goons, and they have to use bombs to kill people because they usually can't hit anything with rifle fire. Well, they can hit the air when they fire their guns up in the air to celebrate a terrorist attack, but that's about it.

So that's the corollary to the "Goose-steppers are evil" rule: "People in pseudo-military uniforms (and ski masks! Don't forget the ski masks!) who can't march in step are evil, too."