The Road Not Taken

The road to Titusville, to be exact. I had been planning to drive up there yesterday for the possible shuttle launch at the Kennedy Space Center, but when I read the weather reports on Friday, I realized that it probably wouldn't be a good idea to go. The weather predictions were for a 60% chance of thunderstorms and anvil clouds in the vicinity, which would scrub the launch. Given that it's a 200-mile drive each way, a seven-hour drive round trip, and about a dozen gallons of gas, those odds just weren't good enough. I'm willing to invest all of that for a couple of minutes of close-up sound and fury if the shuttle actually goes up, but for a scrubbed launch...

Anyway, sure enough, the launch was postponed by the weather, so I felt vindicated for making the right decision. I still want to see a shuttle launch, though. It just needs to be in the winter or spring when the weather is more pleasant and predictable, and on one of my days off. Maybe someday.