Tasty Treats

Sometimes you're at the store and you see something new that looks good, so you buy it on impulse. That's what happened to me the other day when I spotted the new Caribou Coffee Chewy Granola Bars in the snack food section. I bought a box of the Chocolate Mocha flavored bars, and I must say that they are, indeed, tasty. When I opened the foil wrapper, I was rewarded with the savory eye-opening scent of coffee. The chocolate mocha layer at the bottom of the bar goes very well with the granola. If you like chocolate, coffee and granola, then you'll probably want to try them. Don't expect them to replace your morning cup 'o Joe, though, because they only have about 5 milligrams of caffeine, compared to about 85 milligrams in a cup of coffee, according to this article I read about the Caribou Coffee bars. And no, I'd never heard of Caribou Coffee before.