Video Night

Unfortunately, I couldn't sneak out of last night's video. It was about sexual harassment, and it ran for about 1-1/2 hours. Then we had to read a 30-page booklet of service talk scripts about sexual harassment and appropriate behavior, which was quite amusing because the scripts actually give the supervisors (who are supposed to be reading them to us) instructions on what to emphasize and how to say it. ("Pause and wait for heads to nod." "Say slowly and deliberately..." etc.)

It reminded me of a part in the movie "Demolition Man" when the future San Angeles, California cops of 2032, whose society is peaceful and has had no real crime in years, have to go out and arrest defrosted cryo-con Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes). The police station's computer gives the cop on the scene instructions in just the same way, telling him to instruct the suspect to lie down on the ground, and helpfully adds "And say, 'Or else!' "

The video was one of those where you have to answer questions about "Is this sexual harassment? How about this?" The answer is usually "yes," and even when it isn't, sometimes it's better not to say or do it. I could have summed that up in five minutes. Instead, I wasted my first two hours of the night. Fortunately, I had a good helper tonight and we got the mail out anyway.

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