This and That

Some days there are topics of great import to be discussed.

Today is not one of those days, so you get what you get.

I watched Fox News' coverage of the election of the new Pope yesterday. And like Jon Stewart, I thought their "We Have A Pope!" bit was somewhat overdone. As a non-Catholic, my response was a Tonto-esque "What this we, white man?" Stewart noted on "The Daily Show" that Fox News Channel apparently is now a diocese. If you missed the show last night, like I did, it's on again this morning at 10:00 EDT on Comedy Central.

Fun science site, just because I like you: Universe Today. Check out the ad on the page for Glow-in-the-Dark Mars Mud. "Glow in the dark icky fun. Kids love it. Makes fart noises." For some reason, I suspect that they're right about the kids' reaction. And read the story about the giant iceberg breaking off a piece of Antarctica. I hope it had collision insurance.

Here's an odd story for you: Woman Sues for Being Fired for Piercing. The punchline? She's claiming "religious discrimination" and says that she is a member of the Church of Body Modification. Although I've heard that Michael Jackson was a Jehovah's Witness, I'd guess that he's actually in that same church with her. Freaky.


jack said...

i wonder if the church of body modification has a pope? Pope Nose Ring I ?

HapHaszard said...

Oh ye of little faith, a belly button ring and a eyebrow ring for atonement is required.

Anonymous said...

as long as a prince albert isnt required!!!! ouch!!!