That Dude's Gotta Be Gay

In the bizarre news, a woman in Norway just scored a first, becoming the first woman ever to be convicted of raping a man in that country:

OSLO (Reuters) - A Norwegian court has sentenced a woman to nine months in jail for raping a man, the first such conviction in the Scandinavian country that prides itself for its egalitarianism.

The 31-year-old man fell asleep on a sofa at a party in January last year and told the court in the western city of Bergen he woke to find the 23-year-old woman was having oral sex with him.

Under Norwegian law, all sexual acts with someone who is "unconscious or for other reasons unable to oppose the act" are considered rape.

The court sentenced the woman Wednesday to nine months in jail and ordered her to pay 40,000 Norwegian crowns ($6,355) in compensation.

Dude, that's not rape, that's a fucking Penthouse letter! If she had bent him over and banged away at him with a strap-on, that would be rape. If a guy wakes up after passing out at a party and finds some woman giving him a hummer, he should be saying "thank you," not "I'll see you in court." Unless he's really, really gay or she's really, really ugly, of course.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. Let's reverse genders on that and see how it reads. I pass out at a party and wake up with some man whose put his face between my legs. I get upset and file charges because I thought the guy was too ugly, or I'm a lesbian?

Maybe guys don't care about consent as long as they're happy with the outcome.

Clyde said...

Yup, there's a double standard. It's the same as the situation with the female teachers "molesting" teenaged male students, where most men don't think "that poor kid," they think "that lucky kid." With a male teacher and a female student, nobody would think that at all, of course. Both situations are equally illegal and equally wrong, of course, but probably NOT equally harmful to the person on the receiving end.

For a man, this was a "Penthouse letter" situation that guys would give each other "high fives" for having happen to them, along with comments like "You lucky dog!" For a woman, it would be sexual assault.

Anonymous said...

Do men ever find themselves in sexual situations where their brain says, "No," while the little man says, "More, please?"

Clyde said...

Mary: Survey says, "Yes." Thinking with the little head can lead a man into all kinds of trouble (and usually does).

I talked with several people at work about this incident, and everyone was incredulous that the guy would complain, including a couple of women that I talked to. One of them pointed out that perhaps the guy was married and the wife walked in on the situation, at which time he might have claimed that she was taking advantage of him to get out of trouble with the wife. That's about the only logical explanation from a male point-of-view. I personally thought of it as a "random act of kindness" gone awry.

Barbara, one more thing on the differences between the sexes: Sex is a commodity. Women have the commodity, and can sell it for a good price (or barter their favors more indirectly). It's like women are sitting on a gold mine; the mine's owner takes a dim view of those who would steal the gold nuggets without paying. Men, who don't have a gold mine, are usually happy when the mine owner does something nice with their shaft.

Anonymous said...

maybe she bit him or just gives really lousy head? a spitter maybe? looked like whoopie goldberg? maybe she just could seal the deal and finish him off. naaaah your right he must be a flaming, sausage smoking, fudge packing, cheek spreading, ankle grabbing queer!!!!!!!!!