Outrage Du Jour

You've probably seen the video of the cops in Largo, Florida, handcuffing the unruly 5-year-old girl. It was on all of the news channels over the weekend. I saw the parts they showed on Fox News Channel, which showed the girl tearing things off a bulletin board, jumping up on a desk, and punching rather ineffectually at a female vice principal. Naturally, the girl's mother sees this as her own personal gravy train and has hired an attorney.

Now, the cops might have been a bit over the top in slapping the cuffs on a 5-year-old. But that's not the real problem in this situation: The real problem is a child who apparently has never been disciplined in her life and was disrupting the learning process for the other children in her class. The real problem is that the mother, Inga Akins, was not doing her job properly. From what I've heard, her little angel had been in trouble numerous times before. Rather than be part of the solution and work with the school's teachers and administrators to rein in her troublemaking daughter, Ms. Akins is part of the problem.

My guess is that unless someone straightens the kid out, her future career trajectory will probably make having handcuffs slapped on her a routine occurrence. If there was a Future Criminals of America, this girl would be a number one draft choice. Too bad.


barbara said...

Another child falls victim to non-existent parenting. My sister was just telling me about this.

My heart goes out to the underpaid school teachers who are expected to undo the damage of 5 years of neglect, stupidity, and incompetance of idiots who have no other skills beyond the ability to reproduce. Maybe that's harsh - I know we don't have the Leave it to Beaver family lives of the 50's anymore. But come on!

jack said...

at least the police didnt use a stun gun and tase the little bitch!!! the attorney will say the kid forgot to take her medicine (adderall or ridilin) and police used undo force. that child needs a good old fashion ass woopin!!!!

barbara said...

I don't believe in woopin a kid's ass - especially when it's the parents' slack-dog approach that produces the unmanageable monsters. You can accomplish a lot before you need to resort to a quick swat on the butt.

Those horrible super-nanny series are perfect showcases of the ineffective moms and dads that haven't a clue how to instill and enforce reasonable, civilized behavior in children.

jack said...

i think if some of those ineffective moms and dads gave a good hard smack in the butt we wouldnt need a super nanny!!!! i am not saying to swat a kid for no reason but that child had a history of bad behavior. now i am hearing they are using the race card that it wouldnt have happenned if it was a white child. hoo friggin faaahhh!!!!

marydell said...

I'm glad someone finally caught a kid in action on videotape. Those women were so much nicer than I would have been (probably because they were on tape) and I know I would have been screaming my head off.

As far as the police go, they told the girl after the last incident that if she did it again they'd put the cuffs on her. They followed through on their promise, which is what you're supposed to do to let the child know you mean business, but they could have gotten her out of the building without the cuffs.

We had an incident involving police at my school on Friday, and I'll need to blog about it.

HapHaszard said...

When a kid is that far out of control, a good smack on the fundamentals is more an attention getter than punishment. From the tapes I have seen, that would have been the minimum she needed. Her little bottom needed warming. Her mother needs a visit from the county child protection unit, because she wasn't doing her job at all.

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