Annoying Monday

Or is that redundant?

Suffice it to say that last night was mostly annoying, from beginning to end. It's over now, I'm home, and I'm still feeling phantom annoyance, like an amputee feeling a phantom itch from a lost limb. Nowhere to scratch.

I watched a lot of TV over the weekend. I felt kind of sorry for Charles and Camilla. As much money as the British royals get, they live in a fish bowl and suffer slings and arrows from the press and the people themselves that would have resulted in execution for lese majesty in earlier times. On the other hand, some of those hats the women were wearing were fully deserving of scorn and derision.

I watched an HBO documentary on Saturday morning called "Left of the Dial," which was about the liberal Air America (or "Err America", as we conservatives call it) radio network, from a couple of weeks before its launch all the way up to last November's presidential election, and the numerous blunders and pratfalls the network suffered along the way. This documentary did for liberal talk radio what "This Is Spinal Tap" did for heavy metal music, except of course, this wasn't fictional. It was like watching "Titanic" and rooting for the iceberg. I must admit to a certain amount of schadenfreude while watching it, especially the election day coverage. Most of the people involved weren't very sympathetic characters, although I did kind of like Randi Rhodes, even if she was completely wrong in her politics.


barbara said...

Camilla was wearing a hat? I thought she pulled some straw out of a broom and tried to make a tiara.

I am glad we don't have a monarchy here. And what's up with the Church of England publicly blessing the nuptials of two adulterers? It's tacky. Oh Charles. You finally are marrying your mistress. How lovely. How romantic. How very european.

marydell said...

Considering that Charles' mum is the head of the Church of England, which was formed so Henry VIII could commit adultery, the odds were good that he'd get a pass on the adultery thing.

HapHaszard said...

Is Air America still on? I thought they folded when they ran out of money to pay radio stations to run their programming?

Clyde said...

According to the documentary, they are up to around 50 affiliates now, and are back in Los Angeles and Chicago.

Their main problem appeared to be that they expected rich donors to just pay them to get their message out, and apparently didn't do very well at selling advertising. Capitalism: What a concept!