"Ve're Vhere? Liechtenstein? Oh, Scheisse!"

Funniest story of the weekend: Swiss Army accidentally invades Liechtenstein

After looking at that picture, I can understand why the Liechtensteiners are so unworried about the invincible Swiss juggernaut being unleashed upon their defenseless country.

"No blood for schnitzel!"

Unfunniest story of the weekend: Ann Coulter's comments at the CPAC convention on Friday, when she used a word slurring gay people to describe Democrat presidential candidate John Edwards. She obviously didn't read my post the other day where I noted:
Say something offensive about anyone, anyone, and you'll be forced to apologize and buy them the roast duck with mango salsa.
She should have read my blog. Now it looks like she owes a lot of people dinner.

She did Republicans no favors with her mean-spirited comments. There is plenty of other valid criticism about Mr. Edwards, starting with the hypocrisy of his populist "Two Americas" message while building a 28,000 square foot mansion in North Carolina. Even calling him a "narcissistic metrosexual" would probably have been accurate and acceptable. But what she said was offensive and hurtful to some people, and while most of those people won't vote Republican, some might, and it's stupid for people like Coulter to drive them off with name-calling.

And for those who say that the bomb-throwers on the Left, such as the bloggers Edwards hired and then released, do the same thing all the time, that doesn't make Coulter's comments any more acceptable. We don't want to sink the level of our opponents. We're better than that.