Oh, No, They Didn't!

Oh, yes, they did! Yesterday's New York Daily News cover had one of those amusing juxtapositions of headlines. The top half featured a picture of the civil rights groups and Democrat politicians in Selma, Alabama, on Sunday, with Barack Obama at the far left side of the picture and Hillary and Bill Clinton on the far right side. Above the line of people was a headline in white letters "Return to Selma." Just below the picture, in giant black capital letters: "SEX FIENDS ON PROWL" and below, in much smaller print - "Cops hunt scores of fugitive offenders."

The bottom headline is in a skinny-lined box, but if you don't look closely, your mind could accidentally conflate the headline with picture. Well, there's definitely ONE sex fiend that we know of in that picture! I had a good chuckle over it. Unfortunately, I can't find a copy of the picture. Amazingly, this was not the New York Post, the Big Apple's conservative-leaning tabloid, but the liberal Daily News. If it was a soccer game, that would be called an "own goal."