Monday Stuff

Anna Nicole autopsy results to be released in a couple of hours: Please, PLEASE let it be "natural causes" so she can go away and rest in peace. But you know that's not going to happen.

Creepiest story from the weekend: The guy in Houston who strangled his ex-girlfriend and then dismembered and burned her body on two barbecue grills on his balcony. There are far too many tasteless comments possible for this story, but I'm going to pass and let you compose your own.

On the Iranians taking 15 British sailors and Royal Marines hostage: Man, I miss the days of the old British Empire! 150 years ago, the British would be flattening villages with gunboats until the wogs gave their people back. You get the feeling that Blair & Co. won't take the stern action that they should. Then again, the Iranians have been responsible for the IEDs killing our soldiers and Marines in Iraq, and we haven't done jack shit about it either. We've got about 28 years worth of payback waiting for the Iranians, if we ever get leaders with the balls to do it. It's too bad that Carter was so damn feckless in 1979. Bombing the hell out of Iran back then could have nipped the whole Islamist movement in the bud. Bombing the hell out them now probably is a good idea, anyway. "Pour encourager les autres", as the French say. The Romans had another good saying: "Oderint dum metuant," which means "Let them hate, so long as they fear." I don't care if other countries don't love us, but I'd just as soon that they be afraid of us, so that they don't kidnap or murder Americans. If you have a reputation for ruthlessness, of destroying cities and selling the survivors into slavery and sowing the fields with salt, people don't mess with you. Well, the slavery bit is outmoded, but parts one and three still work. Ask the folks in Carthage. They never messed with Rome again after they got the "Cartago delenda est" treatment.