Something Odd

I was watching the local morning news at work the other day and a commercial came on for an FM radio station with the same call letters. A pop song played in the background while the video showed short clips of a young woman, then a woman passing a folder to another woman in a office, then a mom driving in her car with her young daughter, then a middle-aged woman. All were smiling as the voice-over told about how mellow the music on their station was. What was missing? Not a single male in the commercial, at all. Not even a wimpy, metrosexual one. It was pretty clear who their target demographic was. Then again, perhaps they realized who their audience was and that males in any age group probably were a lost cause, because they were listening to other stations (talk radio, sports talk, classic rock or country).

I'm just guessing, but I'd say that any guy who admits to listening to that particular station would probably be required to turn in his man-card, anyway.