Valentine's Day

Eh, so what. My iPod song of the day is Warren Zevon's "Nobody's In Love This Year" off of Transverse City.

Instead, let's talk about the MSM coverage of the mass murder at the mall in Salt Lake City, Utah. They're stumped: What could the 18-year-old Bosnian immigrant's motive have been? Just as they were stumped when somebody shot up the Jewish center in Seattle and killed a woman there, just as they were stumped when a man tried to run people over with his SUV at a North Carolina university, just as they were stumped when the two Beltway Snipers didn't turn out to be a couple of white yahoos like the profilers thought they would be. Could there be any common thread to these murderous incidents? (Muslims) No, didn't think so.

You see, there are two kinds of murderous rampage shooting incidents: The ones where the shooter is out to kill someone in particular who he believes has wronged him (an ex-wife or ex-girlfriend, a boss, etc.), and the ones where the shooter doesn't really care who he kills, as long as he kills lots of people. The latter kind of incident is far rarer, and usually involves some kind of "cause." For instance, the Oklahoma City bombing falls into this category, because the bombers were anti-federal government nuts. All of the incidents I mentioned in the paragraph above were committed by young Muslim men who were intent on murdering as many infidel strangers as they could. Some were more successful than others.

Indeed, as soon as I heard the words "Bosnian immigrant," I wondered which mosque he attended and what sort of hatred of infidels had been preached to him. If you saw the recent special program on Fox News Channel, in which "mainstream" Muslims expressed those sort of sentiments in their own words, you probably wondered the same thing. Now, you may be thinking, "Hey, how do you know he was a Muslim?" The answer: His name was Sulejman; he was named for Suleiman the Magnificent, known as one of the greatest Ottoman sultans, and conqueror of the Balkans. The idea that non-Muslim Bosnians would name their son Sulejman would be as absurd as a Jewish family naming their son Hitler Goldberg (to use an example I saw in the comments at Little Green Footballs).

Strangely, the MSM seems to be ignoring the fact that Sulejman Talovic was a Muslim, just like the shooter in Seattle, just like the "Jeep Jihadi" in North Carolina, just like John Muhammed the Beltway sniper. No, no terrorism here. All is well. Move along, nothing to see here, folks. Hmmmm... Maybe it's not so strange at all that they're ignoring it.