Something to Bite Into

I could write about the travels and travails of astronaut Lisa Nowak (and I thought about doing it), but that would be like shooting fish in a barrel. Most of the good jokes have already been made. In the end, I feel kind of sorry for her and hope she gets the help that she needs. Anyone who would drive that distance non-stop in diapers is obviously a few thrusters shy of a shuttle launch.

Instead, I'm going to write about Pringles Select chips. They don't come in the cylindrical containers like regular Pringles. They're a bit more crispy and much smaller in size. The come in four flavors; I've only tried two. First, I tried the Sun-Dried Tomato flavored potato crisps, which were pretty good. Then I tried the Cinnamon Sweet Potato crisps. Wow! Those are tasty! The other flavors are Szechuan Barbecue and Parmesan Garlic. I think the Szechuan Barbecue ones are actually rice chips, although I could be wrong.

Finally, if you're interested in politics, you might like to stop by the Pajamas Media site and vote in their weekly presidential primary straw poll. The poll is at the top of their home page. You also can vote at Instapundit or at Roger L. Simon's blog, both of which are "precincts" for the poll. I voted in both last week's and this week's poll. You are allowed (even encouraged) to vote for one candidate in each party. If you are a partisan of either party, this lets you choose who you like the most in your own party and who you find least objectionable in the other party. It's kind of interesting to see who's leading in the polling, both in the overall results and among the readers of the "precinct" blogs. Check it out if you're interested...

Who did I vote for? I voted for Newt Gingrich among the Republicans and Bill Richardson among the Democrats. I've seen Gingrich frequently on Fox News Channel and I like what I've heard from him. As for Richardson, again, I've seen him numerous times on FNC and he doesn't come across as a moonbat. I wouldn't even consider voting for most of the Democrats in the general election. I'd at least hear Richardson out, though. He'd probably be better than some RINO like Chuck Hagel, for instance.