Hey, remember that stimulus bill that Congress rammed through in the dead of night, without taking the time to read it? Well, it turns out that that same bill specifically authorized those controversial bonuses to AIG executives. And now Congress is on its high horse, calling the AIG CEO on the carpet this morning, and pontificating about how they are so outraged by the bonuses and threatening to implement a special 100% tax on those bonuses to get the money back, even though that would almost certainly be unconstitutional.

Well, in tech support there's a phrase commonly used when someone asks a stupid question because they haven't read the documentation: RTFM: Read The F'ing Manual. And the corollary for Congress is quite simple: RTFB: Read The F'ing Bill! If our elected "public servants" (ha!) had taken the time to actually read the bill, they might have realized that this little ticking public relations time bomb was in it. This raises the question: What other stink bombs are waiting to detonate? Well, however many it may be, it couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch. The very same crooked congress-critters that are screeching the loudest are the exact same ones who were responsible for oversight of our financial system and who also received large campaign contributions from those same companies they voted to bail out later. Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) was the largest recipient of campaign contributions from AIG, netting over $100,000 from them. So if you hear someone like Dodd bleating about his outrage, it's okay to yell at the television and tell him to STFU, using the full phrase in all its F-word glory. Trust me, I already have.