Last Night's Annoyance

Which was going into the break room at midnight and having someone tell me, "Look at the prices of the candy bars! They jumped from 85 cents to a dollar!" I looked and sure enough, what had been a ripoff had turned into blatant highway robbery. The yo-yos at the Division of Blind Services who stock the machines buy in bulk, and are probably making at least a 100% profit. I think the worst thing is that they didn't just go up by a nickel or a dime. No, the greedy SOBs jacked up the prices by a full fifteen cents in one jump. The last time they increased prices, which was not that long ago, they went from 75 cents to 85 cents. I've now decided that I'm not going to buy anything else from them from now on, from any of their machines, period. I'll stock up in bulk at the store and bring my own snacks. Let 'em get the money for their white canes and guide dogs from some other sucker, because I'm done with them.