Just Chillin'

Why? Because baby, it's cold outside! Not quite as cold as yesterday, when temperatures were below freezing (28 degrees) when I got home from work, but still cold. In fact, there was actually ICE on my windshield and back window yesterday morning when I got off work (it was 34 degrees there, according to my car's thermometer)! I had to run the heater for a couple of minutes before the windshield wipers could knock it away. (No, I don't own an ice scraper any more!)

The last three days have all been in the 30s when I got off work, but today is a few degrees warmer than yesterday. The added benefit is that due to the cold dry air, the sunrises have been marvelous the last three days, a Technicolor rainbow from purplish-red through orange, yellow, green, blue and then into indigo, all before the sun cleared the horizon.

I'm sure most of you are saying, "Hey, low 30s, sounds pretty nice to me compared to what we have here." And comparatively, you're probably right. What must be understood, however, is that low 30s is within spitting distance of record cold temperatures for the day in Southwest Florida. 30 degrees for us is about like -10 or -20 where you're at.

In any case, the cold sent me into hibernation. I slept most of yesterday, mainly because I could. I was well-rested for work last night. They're talking about one more cold morning tomorrow, and then things should warm back up to normal.