Solidarity With Joe the Plumber

I agree 100% with Iowahawk's post. And thanks to him for his kind permission to use this graphic to show my solidarity with Joe the Plumber.

Here's a comment I left at the US News site on a post by Michael Barone:

The Mask Slips

Joe's question just caused Obama to slip and accidentally reveal his true socialist nature. He might just as well have told Joe, "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs." Yup, just gonna spread that wealth around. It's the Soviet -- err, American way.

The inquisition that the Tanning-Bed Media has visited upon a private citizen who merely dared ask a question of the Obamessiah has been shameful. Too bad they didn't have the professional ethics to investigate Obama himself anywhere near as thoroughly! And this is the kind of fate that the rest of us can expect from Obama's lapdog media and his Kossacks and other digital brownshirts if he is elected.

I AM JOE! It's the "I Am Spartacus" of 2008. Let our elite media overlords know that we won't go quietly!