Here's What Real Justice Would Look Like

It's too bad for Skylar Deleon that Johnnie Cochran is dead, because it sure sounds like he could use a better lawyer:

Defense in SoCal yacht killings says client did it
Defending a man accused of killing three people, attorney Gary Pohlson took an odd angle in his opening statement.

He said his client is "guilty of all three murders."

Pohlson told a jury Tuesday that Skylar Deleon killed Arizona couple Tom and Jackie Hawkins, who were thrown off their yacht and bound to an anchor. He also killed another man he met in a work furlough program, Pohlson admitted. But the lawyer argued his client should not die for his crimes.

"My goal is simply to save Skylar Deleon's life," Pohlson said in a 15-minute opening statement.

Riiiiiiiight. This guy deliberately murdered the couple in order to steal their yacht, by tying them to the anchor and throwing it overboard. You know what they really ought to do to him? They should take him out beyond the 12-mile limit, tie him to an anchor and throw him overboard, just like he did to that couple. That would be justice. Although I might be a bit more merciful: I'd give him a wet suit and an oxygen tank with an hour's worth of oxygen, just so that he would have time to think about what he did. Of course, he'd probably be crushed to death by the water pressure before he ran out of oxygen. Gosh, that would be a shame. But I wouldn't shed any tears for him.