Almost every workplace has them. You probably know some of them. They're weasels. And unfortunately, they're not in season, so shooting them is not an option.

Case in point: A while back, someone stole the scotch tape dispenser from my machine. A couple of days later, a different tape dispenser appeared, but it was out of tape. I found a replacement roll for it and everything was fine...

Until last night, when I found that some weasel (probably the same damned one) had stolen our tape dispenser (with almost a full roll of tape) and replaced it with our original stolen tape dispenser -- with no tape. The slothful slug was too lazy to find another roll of tape and replace it, so he stole ours and left the empty tape dispenser on my machine so that I would have to replace the tape. This is the very definition of weaselry.

It's too bad that they let all of the Haitian casuals go a while back. If we still had them, I could see if one of them would be able to put a voodoo curse on the tape-thieving weasel. Maybe something to make his testicles shrivel to the size of raisins or something like that.