If you can remember when the only thing that M&Ms candies could say was "m", then you're officially old. Back in the day, there were just two varieties of M&Ms, Plain and Peanut. Your color choices were the ones that came in the package -- brown, yellow, green, orange, red and tan.

Well, it's a new day out there, and the candy that could only say "m" (or "w" or "E" or "3" if you turned it a different direction and had a bit of imagination) now speaks in words or short sentences. They now come in 22 colors, 17 of which can be customized with your own message of up to eight letters on each of two lines. To show just how versatile their crunchy little chocolates can be, M&M/Mars candy company had a contest to choose a couple to take a vow of silence and communicate for a month exclusively with customized MY M&Ms candies (and non-verbal communication). Ryan Donlon and Jennifer Farina of Philadelphia will be paid $1000 per day that they manage to do it.

Saying it with customized MY M&Ms isn't cheap: They cost $11.99 per 7 oz. bag, with a minimum order of four bags.

Upside: If you say something you regret with MY M&Ms, it's much tastier to eat your words.