That huge fire in Georgia and north Florida has put off huge amounts of smoke that have blown southward across the state of Florida. Our air quality has been lousy the last couple of days, and won't get better until a cold front comes through on Monday. I went out to lunch with my dad today at Lee Roy Selmon's restaurant in Fort Myers, and noticed that the whole area is covered with a smoky haze. It wasn't really heavy, but it was noticeable. Our air quality is usually pretty good, which makes it easy to tell when it isn't.

Lunch was pretty good. I had pulled pork with the house barbecue sauce, french fries and a Sam Adams seasonal beer, which I think was Summer Wheat, and it was pretty good. Dad had a burger with bleu cheese, which he wasn't impressed with; it was okay but not great.

Lee Roy Selmon's is a chain restaurant out of Tampa, and this location just opened last month, which was why I suggested we try it out. It's within a stone's throw of Smoky Bones, another barbecue/sports bar. The server was friendly and attentive and did a good job. The restaurant itself seemed kind of cramped, with only very narrow walkways between the tables. It was also kind of dimly lit, and it took my eyes a few moments to adjust to the low light to read the menu. I think I got more pulled pork than I would have at Smoky Bones, but it only came with one side dish at Lee Roy Selmon's, where at Smoky Bones it comes with two sides and a slice of Texas toast. Lee Roy Selmon's does have other things besides barbecue, though.