New Tunes

The latest iteration of tunes on my iPod now includes a couple of new double-CD greatest hits collections which came in the mail yesterday from Amazon.com. First, I added Jimmy Buffett's Meet Me In Margaritaville, which has 38 songs covering most of his career, although it doesn't have his latest hit, "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere." Second, I added my favorite pop guilty pleasure: ABBA's The Definitive Collection, which has 37 tracks and is, indeed, definitive; all of their hits from 1972-1982 are there. Say what you will, the Swedish quartet knew how to deftly craft a pop song. And I always thought that Agnetha Faltskog (the blonde) was hot. I actually had one of her solo albums on cassette (Wrap Your Arms Around Me from 1983; my favorite song off the album was "Once Burned, Twice Shy," and it's the only one I really remember now). It may still be around here someplace, but I don't have a cassette player any more, and after twenty-some years, it probably wouldn't play anyway. Embrace the entropy.