Spotted in the Mail #2

It's my bicentennial 200th post, so before the world ends tomorrow (courtesy of the evil Iranians), we'll have a light-hearted post today.

It's all about finding your niche. There are people out there who want to buy just about everything, and you can make a living if you have the product that they want.

Case in point: I saw a postcard in the mail today from a company selling "animal-friendly" yoga mat bags. Here is a link to their boutique page, showing the various types of yoga mat bags. It is, of course, located in New York, although I suppose that it could just as easily have been in Los Angeles or San Francisco. There has to be a critical mass of yoga devotees who have a yoga mat and need a fashionable-but-animal-friendly bag in which to carry it around. Well, I wish the folks at RoZCoo success. It's the American way: Build a better yoga mat bag and the world will beat a path to your door, or in this case, your web site.

The lovely model is Catie Parker, whose web site link was also listed on the postcard, as well as that of the photography company that took the pictures. I like the music on Catie's web site, but the meowing cat when you click on the links might be a bit too cutesie...