Second Positive

The results are in. Floyd Landis' second urine sample also tested positive. Dude! Did you really think you could get away with it? It's amazing the stuff they can do with spectroscopy these days. They can tell from which field in Peru that a coca leaf came from, for Pete's sake. Did you think they couldn't tell the difference between natural and synthetic testosterone?

Speaking of stupid, how about this new UN draft resolution between the USA and France regarding the war between the Israelis and Hezbollah? Last I saw, the USA and France weren't the ones fighting. The UN is pretty much worthless for making or keeping peace, worthless as tits on a boar hog. If you see the blue helmets coming, you should run, not walk, in the other direction, because a best-case scenario usually means that the "peacekeepers" will be sexually molesting your women and children in exchange for food and water. A worst-case scenario usually means genocide (Rwanda, Bosnia, etc). Personally, I want to see the Israelis keep killing terrorists. Dead terrorists don't cause any problems in the future.