Okay, I'll Admit It...

I really like some commercials. Lately, it's been the "What's In Your Wallet?" credit card people. I love the pillagers, and the one where they formed a band called "The Pillage People"... priceless.

I saw one on ESPN a couple of nights ago (and again just now) for Nike, featuring lovely tennis player Maria Sharapova walking past New Yorkers who serenade her with "I Feel Pretty" on the way to her match. It's actually pretty clever. If you haven't seen it yet, here is a link to the commercial on the Nike site. Enjoy.

Update: Note that you have to click on the MIDDLE picture at the bottom of the screen (the one where Maria's wearing the plum-colored blouse) to watch that particular video clip.

Later: Is that Jack Nicholson driving the cab?