Not Politically Correct

I saw a postcard at work on Monday that was sheer marketing genius. It was for a restaurant that's trying to become a restaurant chain. At present, they are only in Tempe, Arizona, but their goal is to go national. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Heart Attack Grill.

The concept: A simple menu of hamburgers (up to Quadruple Bypass Burger size!), Flatliner Fries (fried in pure lard) and either soda or beer, served in a pseudo-medical setting by personnel dressed as doctors and sexy nurses. Their target demographic: The Alpha Male. Now that is a great T-shirt, isn't it?

Now, the PC food Nazis would hate this whole concept. "Red meat! Bad for you! Fried food! Bad for you! Alchohol! Bad for you! Smirking at political correctness! REALLY bad for you! Off to the re-education camps with you!" That alone would be reason enough to eat there if you ever made it to Tempe, or if the Heart Attack Grill expands to your area.

I'll say it again: Sheer marketing genius. I wish these guys good luck.