Another Instant Karma Story

After having lunch with my dad yesterday, I was driving home along the back streets. There were a couple of pickup trucks in front of me, and all three of us turned right onto an intersecting street. A motorcyclist coming from the opposite direction turned in behind us. He wasn't wearing a helmet, but did have on a black billed sun visor.

Well, you know how some motorcyclists are: They have no regard for silly traffic rules like speed limits, lanes, stuff like that. And even though we all were going a few miles over the speed limit in front of him, by God, he was in a HURRY and he was going to whip past us. So he did, roaring away noisily.

"Not too smart, dude," I said aloud, knowing that people who drive like that are an accident waiting to happen. Of course, I don't have a high regard for the intelligence of a cyclist riding without a helmet anyway. They don't call it a "brain bucket" for nothing.

And then it happened: I saw something small and black fly up in the air, then tumble to the ground, skittering on the road between the wheels of the truck in front of me. The speeding motorcyclist's visor had blown off his head! I laughed aloud and quickly resisted the split-second impulse to "accidentally" run over it. A couple of blocks ahead, the now headgear-less biker turned in on a side street and was turning around to go back and retrieve his cap. I chuckled as I drove past him.

Although it was mild, it was still "instant karma." I suspect, however, that the cyclist learned nothing from the incident, other than to keep his head down so the bill of his visor didn't catch the wind.