Getting Better All the Time

I think this must have been that "California Flu" that they were talking about last month. All I know is that I haven't been that sick in a long time, maybe ever. I think my fever is pretty much gone (I don't have a thermometer here at home), and the exhaustion and the aches and pains are ebbing. Of course, I slept another 12 hours or so yesterday, so that could be part of it. I figured that in the 72-hour period starting Tuesday morning at 8:00, I slept for a total of about 44 hours, which is more than I usually sleep in a whole week. I've even eaten some solid food today, so I'm slowly getting back to normal. For now, it's plenty of water and more rest. Hopefully I'll be okay to go back to work on Monday.

Man, it sucks being sick.

My theory is that I probably picked up the germs at the Tut exhibition. With that many people from all over the place packed in so closely, it was a virtual incubator for disease. Bekki told me that it was Tut's curse. I think she was kidding.