Start Spreading The News

Where in the world is Clyde? He's out of town, baby, loose in the Big Apple.

Things have not quite gone according to plan. I was supposed to meet up with both of my brothers, Kurt from Kansas City and Karl from New York, but Kurt has been delayed due to bad weather and, to put it bluntly, poor travel planning. You don't show up at the airport fifteen (correction: thirty) minutes before your flight is supposed to leave. Well, I don't, anyway. Needless to say, he got bumped back to the next flight, via Cleveland and Rochester, and then got stuck there. I think he's on his way to Karl's apartment now (we had to come back here so that Karl could get ready for work).

Karl picked me up at the airport in Newark and then we went to the Ironbound neighborhood by the Newark Penn Station, which is home to a large Brazilian community. We went to a Brazilian barbecue joint for lunch and had grilled chicken, which was very good. Karl has a gig tonight, so I'm just waiting for Kurt to get here and we'll see where we go from there. I've been up since 8:30 last night, so there may not be much gas left in the tank.

Tomorrow we are going to Yankee Stadium for the Royals-Yankees game. It's gonna be hot, with low 90s predicted, and it's just going to be hotter the next two days. Karl says that he usually doesn't turn on the little window AC unit until it gets over 90 degrees. Right now, we have the window open and the fan on, and it's warm but not unpleasant. As a Floridian, I'm spoiled; I'm used to having central air, and it seems very strange to be someplace where it isn't common.

Sunday we're going to go out and do the tourist stuff, since this is my first trip to New York. There are a lot of things I'd like to see, and I'll have to cram them all in quickly, because I have to fly home on Monday. Still, this is going to be a nice mini-vacation, especially with the chance to hang with my bros.

Quick thoughts: The drivers here are insane. The concept of "proper following distance" apparently has never been taught in the local driver's education classes. And boy, do they love to honk their horns! You might have thought it was exaggerated, but I've heard more blown horns this afternoon than I hear in a year in Florida. Really!