How I Spent My Weekend

My two brothers were in town over the weekend to help celebrate my Dad's 70th birthday. It made for a busy weekend, but it's always nice to see family, so I didn't mind. On Friday, I napped in the early afternoon, then went to the airport to pick up Kurt, my brother from Kansas City. We joined Dad for dinner at Pincher's Crab Shack, which was a nice touch of local color. They have good seafood.

On Saturday, I picked up my other brother, Karl, at the airport when his flight from LaGuardia finally arrived. It was 20 minutes late but the video screen claimed that it was "On Time." Yeah, right. From there, we joined Kurt and Dad for lunch at Smokey Bones Barbecue. Mmmmm, pulled pork... After lunch, the brothers and I played a round of miniature golf (Karl won), did some shopping for birthday cards and novelty items at Target and hit Ben & Jerry's for some ice cream. Then we went over to Dad's ex's house for his birthday dinner/party (Dad and Shirley are on very cordial terms). Dad's best friend Dick and Shirley's mother Susan (who is 91) were also there. All I can say is that I hope I'm doing as well as she is, if and when I reach age 91. We had a nice dinner, followed by birthday cake and ice cream.

On Sunday, the brothers and Dad met me for lunch at Iguana Mia, which has a policy of a free meal for people celebrating on their birthday. At the end of the meal, they come around with a sombrero and a bowl of fried ice cream, and take the birthday person's picture. We did this for Karl a few years back, and it was Kurt's idea for them both to be down here to get Dad in the sombrero for his 70th birthday. A good time was had by all (and the food was excellent).

And here's the picture:

Kurt and Karl have threatened to come down when I hit my next milestone birthday in 2010. The bad news for them is that it will fall on a Thursday, so maybe I'll escape the sombrero!