More Stuff I'm Listening To

A few weeks back, I ripped both of my Belinda Carlisle CDs, Belinda (1986) and Heaven On Earth (1987). They'd been sitting on the shelf for years since the last time I'd listened to them. One thing about revisiting music after a long time is that you rediscover not just the hits, but the hidden gems on the album as well. Heaven On Earth has a couple of them: A great song titled "Nobody Owns Me" that I've played the hell out of on my iPod since mid-November, and this one, "Fool For Love," which YouTube has a live concert version of from 1988. It's okay if you find yourself singing along...

Bonus! Just because I like you guys, I'm adding this clip by my all-time favorite female vocalist, Susanna Hoffs, covering Bad Company's "Feel Like Making Love" in concert back in 1991. This is one sizzling clip!