Free Debra Lafave!

You might remember Debra Lafave, the sexy teacher who was convicted a couple of years ago for having sex with a 14-year-old male student. She was sentenced to three years house arrest and seven years probation, as well sex offender treatment, random drug testing and 200 hours of community service, all of which she has completed. But yesterday, she was arrested for violation of probation. Why? Well, she had been working at a restaurant as a waitress, and while working there, she had talked with one of her co-workers, a girl who happened to be 17 years old. And among the provisions of her sentence was that she was not allowed to have contact with minors.

Now, she wasn't having sex with the girl. She just had a normal conversation of the sort that you might have with your co-workers. But when her probation officer found out that one of her co-workers was a minor, she was forced to quit the job, and when it was found out that, horrors!, she had actually talked to the girl, well that was just too much.

So now they want to charge her with violation of probation and possibly sentence her to up to 15 years in prison, despite the fact that for the last two years, this poor woman has done everything she was supposed to. Look, she made a mistake fooling around with that kid a couple of years ago, but the way she's being treated now seems unnecessarily vindictive. And frankly, for someone who doesn't seem to be a threat to the community, it seems to be a waste of our tax dollars to try her again and then incarcerate her. I say, Free Debra Lafave! Let true justice prevail.