Sports Bars: Happy

Most NFL fans: Not so much.

You see, there's a football game going on right now, between Green Bay and Dallas, both of whom have 10-1 records, probably the second-best game matchup of the year. Most football fans can't watch the game at home, however. Why? Because the game is on NFL Network, and many cable companies either don't carry the NFL Network at all because of a dispute over the rights between those companies and the NFL, or offer it only as part of a premium sports package.

My brother Kurt was complaining about this when he visited last week, noting that earlier in the season, he was unable to see a Chiefs game that was on NFL Network, even though he has the premium sports package from his cable company. I read that about two-thirds of American households don't have NFL Network, so this is the best game that most fans can't see.

The only option for many will be to venture out to the local sports bar and watch the game there. I would guess that tonight will be a banner night for business at the sports bars, probably better than most weekends. I myself have NFL Network, but unfortunately, I have to work tonight, so I'll miss the second half. The glass is half-empty, but most people don't have a glass at all tonight, unless they're lifting one in front of the big screen at the sports bar.