Clouded Out

I got up around 3 a.m and went outside to see whether it was worthwhile to do any Leonid meteor shower watching. Unfortunately, the weather was mostly cloudy, with stars peeking through but most of the sky obscured. I went back inside and tried going back to sleep, but found out pretty quickly that I was up for the day.

My family has started arriving for Thanksgiving week. My brother Kurt and his daughter Rachel got here yesterday afternoon. I picked them up at the airport and drove them to Dad's condo, where they'll be staying. We went out to dinner with Dad, and I was spotted at the restaurant by two different people I know. It's a small world out there. My other brother, Karl, will be coming in from New York on Tuesday.

I picked up my reserved copy of the book Into the Wild at the library yesterday. It has been made into a movie which is currently in theaters. I'll have more to say about the book after I finish reading it.