The Perpetual Plastic Massacre

The neighbors across the street love the Christmas season. I mean, they really love it. From Thanksgiving on, they have Christmas lights on their house, on their trees, lining their driveway, etc. And they also love those giant plastic inflatable Christmas decorations. This year, they have nine of them, including the giant inflatable chimney on the roof. There are are also three giant Snow Globes, a Santa Claus, a Snowman, a Grinchy Claus, a Christmas Tree, and a Snoopy-style red doghouse. There's only one little problem with those giant inflatables:

This is what they look like in the cold (well, relatively speaking) light of morning. Every day, it's another plastic massacre. It's a good thing that they have an air compressor to reinflate them daily.

Perhaps it would be more appropriate to have a giant inflatable Jesus for Easter, except He wouldn't have to wait three days to rise from the dead.