Beerblogging, Part 1

In which our intrepid writer drinks and reviews assorted beers.

Today, in our first installment of this series, we have Samuel Adams Traditional Ginger Honey Ale.

"Hey, wait a minute!" you say. "I've never seen this in the beer section of my local grocery store." And you probably haven't. It's part of a boxed set of four bottles of traditional colonial recipes, the Samuel Adams Brewer Patriot Collection. The bottles even are numbered 1-4, so that's the order in which I will try them. The other three, in order, are George Washington Porter, James Madison Dark Wheat Ale, and 1790 Root Beer Brew.

Bottle-neck blurb: "True to its colonial heritage, this effervescent golden brew remains unfiltered. The bright flavors of fresh ginger and lemon zest are balanced by a subtle maltiness and the floral sweetness of wildflower honey."

Taste test: Mmmm, not bad. It has a nice amber color and a good head. The ginger taste isn't something I'm used to in beer, but this is pretty good.