He's Running for WHAT?

The other day, I got an e-mail from Steve Beren, one of the guys in my Strat-O-Matic computer baseball league. He was telling the league that he might need someone to manage his games for him for a while, because he is running for Congress! He's running as the Republican candidate against a Democrat incumbent in Washington state's 7th District, which includes King County (Seattle). The incumbent, Jim McDermott, is a real loony-left liberal type, and unfortunately for Steve, Rep. McDermott probably represents the views of most of his constituents fairly accurately, since King County is only marginally more conservative than Berkeley, California. I wished him good luck, but told him that I was a bit pessimistic, since King County was the place that kept adding dead people and homeless people to the voter rolls in the Democrats' successful series of recounts that finally "elected" Christine Gregoire as Washington's governor in 2004. Yes, the dead vote in places other than Chicago!

On the off chance that any of my readers happen to reside in western Washington, here is the link to Steve's web site, so you can see his positions on the issues.

Steve Beren for Congress