Plans Wrecked

I was supposed to get together with Karl and Monika this morning. I called Karl at 9:00 a.m. as we'd arranged to check in, but only got his answering machine. He called me back about ten minutes ago and told me that they were in a car wreck last night on US 41. They're a bit banged up: Karl has a broken collarbone and Monika has a broken toe. Evidently a woman pulled out in front of them from a side street and they were unable to stop in time. Karl says the car is totaled, and they were lucky not to be injured any worse than they were. They were taken to the hospital and released around 1:30 this morning. It was a bad ending to what had been a nice vacation for them. Anyway, they're leaving for New York around mid-afternoon.

One more reason to hate driving on US 41.

This is Karl and Monika when we played miniature golf on Monday. The car is the silver convertible with the black top which is visible in the picture over Karl's shoulder.