This and That, #2

I was talking with a female friend at work about the "runaway bride" case in Georgia. Evidently her fiance still wants to marry her, which was mind-boggling to both of us, especially after she put him through being a suspect in her disappearance.

"She'd have to be pretty good in bed to be worth putting up with that," my friend said.

"She'd have to be like a porn star," I replied. We both got a good chuckle out of that.

Best new product: Cracker Barrel cheese sticks. Individually wrapped, single serving size, perfect for tossing into my lunch box as a snack. No fuss, no slicing, no dicing. I like the sharp cheddar (gold package) better than the extra-sharp white cheddar (red package). What took them so long? Beats the heck out of string cheese.


barbara said...

I have no sypmathy for these hoaxers. They need to prosecute the ninnies. And if that guy still wants to marry her, he's squirrelier than her!

Anonymous said...

some men think all brides/wives should run away. not me of course.