05/05/05 05:05:05

The fives have it. Your moment of zen came this morning at 05:05:05 a.m. At that particular instant, the computer clock read 05/05/05 05:05:05. You won't be seeing that again. Sure, there's another 5:05:05 this afternoon, but that's really 17:05:05, which lacks the purity of this morning's special moment.

Only a year, a month and a day until 06/06/06.

Something else you don't see every day: This morning, there were a pair of swans being sent by express mail to a lady in Naples. They were in two large cardboard shipping cartons. We speculated about whether they were going to some condo association's lake or whether it was some wealthy lady wanting swans for the grounds of her mansion (lots of mansions in Naples). Either way, I hope the lady doesn't have some romanticized image of swans, because she may be in for more than she expects. I understand that they are very aggressive birds.


Anonymous said...

Every morning, I write the date on the blackboard. When I pointed out the 05/05/05 to my class, they weren't all that impressed. Sheesh. Kids these days.

Anonymous said...

Our undocumented alien population here in Atlanta, were celebrating, and I understand that they would have been celebrating in Mexico, but there was no one left.

Anonymous said...

i think they all live in my apartment complex. 47 to each apartment.

Anonymous said...

Only 47, darn you must live in a "upscale neighborhood.