Line of the Day

It comes from Howard Gensler at the Philadelphia Daily News, in an article about the Britney Spears sex tape:

The home video is alleged to show the couple early in their relationship two years ago, holed up at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Said a source: "They did nothing all day but have sex - and play the odd game of chess."


(Could we go from "One Night in Paris" to "One Knight in Britney"?)


The anchors on one of the Fox News shows mentioned this story yesterday, with the addendum that "Britney is worried about the tape affecting her 'wholesome' image," and then they all dissolved in helpless laughter. Somebody commented, "Chess?! Britney plays chess?!" More laughter.

It's comedy gold, folks. Comedy gold. "Is that a bishop in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" Etc. Feel free to come up with your own chess-related Britney joke.