Not Looking Good

While Wilma does the Mexican hat dance on Cozumel and Cancun, those of us in Florida are watching and waiting. It doesn't look good. Monday looks like it's going to be rather unpleasant. If the latest forecast models are correct, it will hit somewhere around Naples and then cut diagonally northeast across the state toward Lake Okeechobee. The intensity and exact landfall part are the crucial factors. I'm far enough inland that I don't have to worry about storm surge, although some wind damage seems quite possible. The north side of the storm's track should be the weak side, with wind speeds 25-30 mph less than on the south side. The only good news is that the storm probably won't be more than a Category 2 (and more likely a 1) when it hits Florida, and that it should be moving across the state at a pretty good clip, so we won't get the kind of rainfall that the Yucatan peninsula is going to get of the next couple of days. I'm guessing that the power will probably go out over much of the area. Hopefully it won't be out for too long. At least the temperatures are supposed to be cool in the days after the storm hits, so we won't be suffering in the 90-degree heat as happened after Hurricane Charley last year.

I've got my supplies laid in, I have a flashlight and a portable radio with extra batteries for both. I'll use up my frozen stuff over the next couple of days and clear out the freezer. If the storm misses us, then I'll go shopping on Tuesday. If not, well I've got non-perishables and bottled water, and I'll get in line for the MREs and ice with everyone else if I have to.