Wisdom In A Bag Of Chocolates

I like the bags of Dove chocolates, which are wrapped in foil with a little message on the inside. On a whim, I bought a bag of the new peanut butter-filled Dove milk chocolates. The messages are a bit different from the other ones I've seen, many of which ran to things like "It's definitely a bubble bath day!" or "You know what? You look good in red." The new batch in the peanut butter variety's wrappers are a bit more philosophical. Here are some that I saw today:
  • Seize the day.
  • Listen to the wind.
  • Share a kind word.
  • Protect your solitude. Turn off your ringer.
  • It's okay to live without a "big picture" in mind.
  • Be an optimist.
  • Remind yourself that it's okay not to be perfect.
  • Express your gratitude to those you love.
  • Hug a friend today.
  • Chocolate is love shared between friends.
If everybody did those things, it would be a nicer world, wouldn't it?

And the peanut butter-filled Dove chocolates are just the kind to share with a friend. You might even get a hug, which would be good for a two-fer.