Domo Arigato, Mr. Interneto

That naughty Internet got a Japanese civil servant into a spot of trouble: Japanese official demoted for 780,000 hits on porn sites

A Japanese civil servant was demoted for logging more than 780,000 hits on pornographic Web sites on his office computer over nine months, an official said Friday.

The man, a Kinokawa city government employee in western Japan, visited porn sites from June 2007 to February 2008, city official Tomiko Waki said. The man's name was withheld.

His name may have been withheld, but he's a Hiro to me.

The article notes that clicking on certain porn sites generates multiple hits in the computer's browser record, so he may not have visited 780,000 different web pages. That's a very impressive amount of goofing off, one that most of us could only dream of. His greatest problem may not be having to explain to his wife why he got demoted and took a $190 a month pay cut, but why he was on those web sites. And given the extremely kinky nature of Japanese porn (don't ask!), there's bound to have been some pretty bizarre stuff on that list of web sites that he visited.

Banzai, Mr. Name Withheld, banzai! Those who are about to surf salute you!